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Ken Kuzyk (L) and Mike Sobel


Global Television (Edmonton) interviewed Ken Kuzyk of EMLOC Ltd on the importance of line locating.





EMLOC Ltd is a company dedicated to the safety and protection of line locate technicians, buried facilities, and the digging community at large.  We strive to provide clients with accurate, dependable and reliable information and service.  Whether in the realm of training, actively line locating, or auditing locations, we demand safety first; safety always.


Our mission is to develop in-depth, standardized training procedures for the line locating and ground disturbance communities, with focus on locate procedures and safety, equipment familiarity, and the rules and regulations, which govern all ground disturbance procedures.


In our desire to highly train locate technicians and those involved in the ground disturbance community, we hope to greatly decrease the incidence of personal trauma due to  buried facility strikes,  and aid in the conservation of environmental purity.


Our line locating courses are recognized as "trained to industry standards" upon completion, and are a source of accurate, dependable and reliable information. 


EMLOC Ltd uses the latest equipment and technology, and the most recent information available in regards to safety, rules, regulations and procedures.









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